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Avaleht / Muusika / Eesti muusika / N1MA - AJAM EP (2018) 12"


N1MA - AJAM EP (2018) 12"

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Plate number two from LIITHELI steps up the game with N1MA "Ajam EP" The word "ajam" in Estonian stands for "drive", as in "electric drive". The title track - Ajam is a high-pressure techno jam with a buzzing atmosphere thrusting through a tunnel of sound. It’s a cut from many a live recordings from the Ravi Workshops in Tallinn. This one was recorded during a much needed break from writing music for a documentary film – A jam to clear the head. Easing the pressure to bring softness on the flip side is Construction Business - an unregulated situational soundscape of random events. "Tanel, where's the red box? - It's lost... - The grey fixing plugs were inthere." A very live recording of the process of building the Ravi Workshops in Tallinn. Drum machines, (modular) synths, sequencers and laptops hooked up to a mixing desk and monitor speakers in a 50m2 concrete room, a portable recorder placed in the same space. People bustling around with construction tools in their hands, at times passing the sound setup and spontaneously twisting knobs, pushing faders. No-one knows the score is being recorded. 

Artist N1MA 

Track Listing 

(A1) Ajam 

(B1) Construction Business

EAN 4560434603507
Ilmumisaasta 2018
Mõõt 350x350x10 (mm)
Lisamise aeg: 27.11.2018

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