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Principles of processing of customer data

This document defines the purpose and scope of processing of customer data in possession of Rahva Raamat AS, as well as confidentiality of data processing.

Who is a customer?

A customer is any person who has entered into a contractual relationship with Rahva Raamat AS.

What is customer data?

Client data is any kind of information Rahva Raamat AS possesses with regard to customers (for instance, customer’s name, personal ID code, contact details, transaction details, etc.).

What is processing of customer data?

Processing of customer data is any kind of operation performed with customer data (including collecting, recording, organizing, saving, amending, disclosing, enabling of access to the data, making of inquiries and issuing excerpts, using, forwarding, cross-using, connecting, closing, erasing and destroying of data).

Who is the processor of customer data?

The responsible processor of customer data is Rahva Raamat AS (registration code 10421903, address: Telliskivi 60/2, Tallinn 10412).

Authorized processors of customer data are:

- Providers of postal services, in order to deliver the ordered goods to the customer;

- Providers of advertising services, including providers of social media services, necessary for informing customers about new products and campaigns as well as for analyzing actions of customers in the online store;

- Provider of IT support services, in order to ensure operation and development of Rahva Raamat AS online store and other IT solutions.

Scope of processed customer data:

- Rahva Raamat AS collects the following customer data:

- Name and surname / company name;

- Personal ID code / registration code;

- Place of residence / place of business;

- Current account;

- Contact details;

- Transaction details (information on purchases made by the customer);

- Information on habits, preferences and satisfaction of customers (for instance, information on active use of services, the services used, satisfaction of customers with particular services as well as information on customer complaints);

- Any customer data not indicated above that was provided by the customer (on customer’s own initiative) to Rahva Raamat AS using various means of communication (for instance, by telephone or via computer network); Rahva Raamat AS also has the right to save all the instructions provided by the customer using various means of communication.

In order to ensure better customer experience in its mobile application, Rahva Raamat AS processes the following customer data:

- Access to files is necessary to ensure the option of reading e-books;

- Access to camera is necessary to use the ISBN/EAN-scanner;

- Control of wifi connection;

- Access to location information.

Upon the grounds set out in the law Rahva Raamat AS has the right to process customer data not indicated in this document.

What is the purpose and the legal basis of processing the customer data?

Rahva Raamat AS processes customer data in order to:

Perform the contract concluded with the customer based on:
- The need to perform the contract or implement the measures prior to conclusion of the contract (upon the respective request of the customer);
- The need to perform legal obligations;
- Justified interest of Rahva Raamat AS.

Provide additional services, perform customer satisfaction surveys, market analysis and collect statistics based on:

- Approval of the customer;
- Justified interest of Rahva Raamat AS in connection with improving services and goods of Rahva Raamat AS;

- The need to improve user experience of the customer and develop new goods and services.

Protect its violated or contested rights (e.g. forwarding of data to a court) based on:

- Approval of the customer;
- The need to perform the contract or implement the measures prior to conclusion of the contract (upon the respective request of the customer);
- The need to perform legal obligations;
- Justified interest of Rahva Raamat AS in connection with prevention, limitation and investigation of any cases of misuse of goods and services of Rahva Raamat AS as well as their illegal use.

Perform its obligations arising from laws and regulations (e.g. forwarding of data to investigative authorities) based on:
- The need to perform the contract or implement the measures prior to conclusion of the contract (upon the respective request of the customer);
- The need to perform legal obligations;
- Justified interest of Rahva Raamat AS in connection with reliable risk management and general management of the company.

In which cases does Rahva Raamat AS disclose customer data?

Customer data is confidential; it is not disclosed and not made accessible to Third Parties without the customer’s prior consent, except in cases provided by law.

Rahva Raamat AS has concluded with mail service companies and companies providing telephone questioning services contracts on confidential use of the data being forwarded.

Who is a third party?

A third party is a natural or legal person, who is not a customer or a processor of customer data.

Where is the customer data processed?

Generally, customer data is processed within the European Union and the European Economic Area (EU/EEA), but in some cases, data is transferred and processed in countries outside the EU/EEA.

Transfer and processing of customer data outside the EU/EEA can take place upon condition that there is a legal basis for that: for example, for the purpose of fulfilling obligations or with prior consent of the customer. In this case, the appropriate protection methods are used.

Appropriate protection measures are:

- An existing contract containing standard terms of the contract drafted outside the EU;

- A country located outside the EU/EEA where the receiving party is located provides a sufficient level of data protection in accordance with the decision of the European Commission;

- The receiving party is certified on the basis of the Privacy Shield framework (applicable to host parties located in the US).

By contacting Rahva Raamat AS, the customer can obtain more detailed information regarding transfer of customer data outside the EU/EEA.

How does Rahva Raamat AS use customer data in providing services?

Rahva Raamat AS sends offers to its customers. Rahva Raamat also sends its customers offers carefully selected partners. A partner shall not get hold of customer data, if the customer has not expressed definite interest for the partner’s goods or service.

How does Rahva Raamat AS use profile analysis to create personalized offers?

Profile analysis is automatic processing of customer data, used to assess the known personal qualities of the customer: for example, to analyze or forecast the person’s economic standing, personal preferences, interests, place of residence. Profile analysis is used for marketing purposes and is based on justified interest of Rahva Raamat AS, the need to perform the contract or on the consent of the customer.

Rahva Raamat AS can process customer data in order to improve user experience in relation to using digital services, for example, to adapt presentation of services on the devices used and to create personal offers (unless the customer prohibited use of direct marketing). Such marketing measures can be based on which services the customer uses and exactly how the customer uses them and how the customer uses the mobile application Rahva Raamat AS.

Based on its justified interest, Rahva Raamat AS ensures provision of personalized offers based on profile analysis and comfortable use of the online store environment by private person customers.

What are the customer’s rights?

The customer has the following rights in connection with the processing of customer data:

- Apply for correction of his/her customer data, if the data is insufficient, incomplete or incorrect;

- Submit objections regarding processing of his/her customer data, if the use of customer data is based on justified interest, including where it is performed for the purpose of direct marketing based on profile analysis (for example, receiving marketing proposals or participating in surveys);

- Request removal of his/her customer data, for example, if the data processed on the basis of the customer’s consent and the customer withdrew his/her consent. Such a right does not apply if the customer data that the customer requests to be removed is also processed on other legal grounds, for example, for the purpose of performing the contract;

- Limit processing of his/her customer data on the basis of applicable rights, for example, for a period of time until Rahva Raamat AS assesses whether the customer has the right to request removal of his/her customer data;

- Receive information about whether Rahva Raamat AS processes his/her customer data (and, if Rahva Raamat AS processes his/her data, receive access to such data);

- Receive the customer data provided by him/her (that is processed on the basis of consent or for the purpose of performing the contract) in written form or in a commonly used electronic form, and (if technically possible) transfer such data to other service providers (data portability);

- Withdraw his/her consent for processing of customer data;

- Submit complaints with regard to use of customer data to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (website: www.aki.ee) if the customer believes that processing of the customer data violates his/her rights and interests under the applicable law.

How to change and request termination of processing of one’s customer data?

The customer has the right to examine his/her customer data (by sending a respective request by email to epood@rahvararaamat.ee, or by calling (+372) 671 3659). Where the customer data has changed or is incorrect in some other way, the customer shall promptly notify thereof (by sending a respective notification by email to epood@rahvararaamat.ee, or by calling (+372) 671 3659).

The customer has the right to demand termination of the processing of its data and/or deletion of the collected data, where the respective right is set out in the Personal Data Protection Act or another legal act.

How long is the customer data stored?

Customer data is not processed longer than necessary. The storage period depends on the agreements with the customer, on justified interests of Rahva Raamat AS or on applicable law (for example, accounting laws or laws relating to limitation periods, as well as other private law).

Where to find additional information on the processing of customer data?

If you require a more thorough explanation about processing of your customer data, please call (+372) 671 3659, or send an email to epood@rahvaraamat.ee. We answer your requests from 09:00 until 17:00 on business days.


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