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Kaup kätte kahe tunni jooksul


On tiny Juniper Island lives a curious and adventurous fellow, Snupsi. At times he finds himself sitting on the pier with an old compass, staring at the sea, wondering what secrets the other side of the horizon could hide from him. From where and how he had appeared there, nobody knew. 

When the island’s brightest scientist uncle Helden finishes his peculiar looking flying machine Escapist, an unforgettable journey begins. As it appears, at first randomly looking adventures seem to have mysterious connection. Caring, understanding, bravery and wit help to overcome challenges, find new friends and reconcile conflicts. 

In addition to writing, the author has also sculpted the characters of the book by hand. They are also found inside the book cover and were the basis for the illustrations by Mariann Joa

Technical information
ISBN 9789949882199
Published: 2018
Language In English
Format Hard cover
Pages 240 pg
Dimensions 247x175x18 (mm)
Illustrator(s) MARIANN JOA
Translator(s) JUTA RISTSOO
Added: 03.05.2018

26.60 €Last copies

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Kaup kätte kahe tunni jooksul

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