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Avaleht / Muusika / Eesti muusika / LIIS RING - SATORI (2016) 10"


LIIS RING - SATORI (2016) 10"

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#A1 Ruddalen 3:04

#A2 GBG 4:13

#B1 Satori 4:18

#B2 The moment after the moment 3:46

Liis Ring is a musician, a composer, a sound artist, a wanderer, a traveller, an art enthusiast, a philanthropist and a bird watcher currently based somewhere between London, UK and Gothenburg, Sweden.
"Satori" (referring to the Japanese Buddhist "awakening" as well as the supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore) is the first EP under her own name, marking a new course towards a more conceptual approach to music writing. It is site-specific, critical, juxtaposing time and space and questioning their constancy, but also carries lighter tones and a childish enthusiasm. It is an album about something lost and something found and the places that witnessed it.
Compared to Liis Ring's debut album "Fables of a Faraway Land", released under the alias cirkl by the Estonian record label Ounaviks in 2014, "Satori" is more mature, the arrangements clearer and the overall sound more consistent. The naive dreamy pop melodies have now been accompanied by more experimental forms. To call it experimental pop would be too generalizing, though. The ears will know best.

Siim Nestor soovitab: "Eesti oludes üsna endiselt üsna harvaesinev žanr - folktroonika. Trükitud vaid 266 eksemplari, käsitsi nummerdatud."

EAN 190394971908
Ilmumisaasta 2016
Mõõt 280x280x10 (mm)
Lisamise aeg: 28.11.2016

Kategooria TOP

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