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This book is a sequel, to the original idea with elegant presentation, by the same authors of “Brushstroke Estonia”. Andres Eilart and Aavo Kokk have once again, proudly exposed the soul of the worldwide Estonian community through art.

This is an incredibly exciting journey through 150 Estonian cities. Here we have, side by side, Abja-Paluoja and Adelaide, Toronto and Tõrva, San Francisco and Sindi, Marrakech and Mustamäe, Paris and Püssi. All of Estonia’s present cities, plus the urban centres elsewhere in the world that are of special significance to Estonians.

Here can be found works by many artists, some of whom many art critics and historians have never even heard of. Here are the works by famous masters that only a few people have ever seen. Here are very surprising facts about Estonia itself, as well as amazing facts about those Estonians who have, voluntarily or due to unforeseen circumstances, gone to live far from their homeland. These are our “picturesque” adventure stories!

ISBN 9789949489190
Ilmumisaasta 2012
Keel ingliskeelne
Formaat Kõvakaaneline
Lehekülgi 312 lk
Mõõt 230x230x25 (mm)
Kirjastus HEA LUGU
Lisamise aeg: 30.04.2016

26.30 24.99 €Toodet on alles vähem kui 10 eksemplari!

Kaup kätte: homme, 21.03

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