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E-Raamat: Unmasking The Ego


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For anyone interested in psychology, self-help, spirituality and mysticism, the ego is a topic that inevitably comes up. Many people have started realizing that the ego is the root of all personal problems and interpersonal conflicts, even the cause of war and other atrocities. Yet the ego is a topic that is difficult to get a handle on, because the primary effect of the ego is that it distorts our vision. This book describes how this happens, including the effect of black-and-white thinking and gray thinking. The book offers a universal spiritual understanding of the origin of the ego. It also provides profound insights into the games played by the ego, including the epic battle that causes the ego to set itself up as the savior of the world and the solution to all of humankind’s problems. Any student of spiritual psychology can benefit from the profound perspective offered by this book.

Technical information
ISBN 9789949300327
Published: 2012
Language In English
Publisher MORE TO LIFE
Added: 31.12.2016

8.25 €

Delivery: Instant download

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