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Aime Hansen is an Estonian writer, artist and performance artist. Coffee Mornings with Angels is a collection of theatrical visual poetry in a storytelling style. Poems are “stage doors” that take us to various settings: angels at the coffee table, a huntress in the snowy forest, a nomadic tribe lost in the desert, a professor with a strange cloud above his head, and more. Some scenes take place in a contemporary setting, while others have been inspired by the myths of ancient cultures, such as Celtic, Egyptian, and Sumerian. Themes of love, relationships, mysteries of life, memories, and existential questions recur throughout the poems. The collection showcases both the serious and humorous sides of Aime’s poetry. 

Aime Hansen is an author of six books of poetry and three books of prose. She has also performed her poetry at a number of events and festivals in Estonia, the UK and elsewhere. All poems are originally written in English.

A cup of coffee with the angels

My winged guests would later have another cup on the balcony,
resting their eyes on the lush green depths of the garden.
“What is the meaning of life?”, I would badger them,
but they would just shrug their shoulders and say:
“Honestly, we haven’t thought about it.
But if you would like to fly with us,
there is a spare pair of wings in the corner.”

Childhood’s sea

The heartbeat of the stones was really loud
and they sighed after every verse.
They recited the history of the sea,
all things that had happened on the shore,
all the ships that had berthed,
all the drowned sailors
who had been washed onto the shore,
and the mermaids
who had married the dead sailors.

ISBN 9789949888177
Ilmumisaasta 2018
Keel ingliskeelne
Formaat Pehmekaaneline
Lehekülgi 112 lk
Mõõt 200x130x10 (mm)
Lisamise aeg: 30.11.2018

12.50 €

Kaup kätte: Kiirtellimusega: täna 09.12

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