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Автор: P. LAUD

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We generate and gather a lot of data about ourselves and others, some of it highly confidential. The collection, storage and use of this data is strictly regulated by laws, but restricting the use of data often limits the benefits which could be obtained from its analysis. Secure multi-party computation SMC, a cryptographic technology, makes it possible to execute specific programs on confidential data while ensuring that no other sensitive information from the data is leaked. SMC has been the subject of academic study for more than 30 years, but first attempts to use it for actual computations in the early 2000s although

Технические данные
Штрихкод 9781614995319
Год издания 2015
Язык на английском языке
Формат Твёрдый переплёт
Страниц 264 стр
Издательство IOS Press
Дата первого поступления: 13.03.2017

139.69 €Последние экземпляры

Доставка: 2-4 недели, позднее 17.01

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